Aqua vibes

Never underestimate the power of aqua. A tranquil and uplifting hue of blue that’s made for jewelry. It radiates positive vibes and is a joy to wear.
Simple stunners. Labradorite studs in bronze.
Stack em high it little raw geode rings. New gems sourced for this season. Two kinds of turquoise, apatite, peridot, crysocholla and amazonite.
Enlightening lotus series with aquamarine and apatite gems, Lightweight hoop drops.
Dreamy dangles in the best aquamarine and apatite gems. Hand beaded tipped with starbursts, a hammered organic arc a top.
Oval pendants – large gemstone pendants for layering or solo with a vintage vibe.
Horizons pendant – 5 made – giant spectralite geodes – this one is long, spear shaped with a burst of brilliant aqua like no other and a super thick brass chain.
Tales by moonlight – made of labradorite.
Bangle stack – never to high add a few more! In aged brass to contrast with the vibrant gems and so there is no polishing required 🙂
Fan favorite longhorn with a turquoise crown. Featured at little boho blog.
Girly top with bold gems. Original pendants go fast.
Dusk light on a sleek new cuff – pair up with a layering necklace and go.
Vintage glass collectibles – this color refreshes the eye and brights the mood.
Freshly arrived raw geodes for the stackers in sweet sunlight.
Behind the scenes – taking a video.
Sun and moons – best of both worlds!
Magical midi rings to top it all off.



Jewelry designer and bird lover