Luxury Labradorite Jewelry

If you’re looking for luxury jewelry with a unique and eye-catching look, check out Christina Rose Jewelry’s selection of labradorite pieces. We have a wide range of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets available for your perusal.

Quality Labradorite Stones

Labradorite is an attractive feldspar mineral that is found worldwide. Jewelry-grade specimens have an eye-catching iridescent sheen, similar to an opal, called labradorescence. Light reflected from within the stone reveals an exquisite play of blue, green, aqua, yellow, amber, red, and even purple colors in many different variations.

These qualities make labradorite the perfect stone for natural-looking yet sophisticated jewelry pieces. These stones can make striking pendants and cabochons of any size and shape. At Christina Rose Jewelry, we source some of the best examples of this beautiful mineral from Madagascar and Finland to provide high-quality jewelry that will turn heads or provide a subtle accent to any outfit.

Free-Spirited and Fashionable Jewelry

At Christina Rose Jewelry, we pride ourselves on unique jewelry that will bring out your fashionable side. We specialize in a signature pairing of lovely labradorite stones with bold brass fittings, which create trendy, unique pieces that make a statement.

The geometric designs of our brass pendants are the perfect accompaniment for the vivid hues of our labradorite stones, which can create the coveted boho-chic look that many strive for but few achieve. With our mastery of this aesthetic and others, you can have your pick of midi-rings, collars, cuff bracelets, and earrings that accentuate your most vibrant self, whatever your preferred style.

Whether you need a nicely-weighted pendant to pull together your look for a special evening out or a vivacious new pair of earrings for a summer festival, Christina Rose Jewelry has you covered. Take a look at our signature collections right here on our website to find the exact piece you’re looking for.