December blog

Sun and moonchaser rings, gloriously large statement pieces out on a fall day.
The leaves have flown but the clear crisp air electrifies my creativity!
A little geometry for the latest touchstone rings.
Soft grasses, collected a few to bring home with me on Thanksgiving before the snow blankets them down.
Labradorite at dusk.
Fading light and labradorite.
The little things, last of the seeds to the wind.
Frontiers pendants set 1
Frontiers pendants set 3
Touchstone rings – these two will be at my etsy venue.
Sun and moonchasers
Temple rings with turquoise or labradorite.
Fall walkabout.
Rare purple and red labradorite for the latest in this series.
Meditative moments.
Red labradorite and garnet.
Aged brass has a rustic vibe.
Touchstone originals – this set is up at my etsy venue.
CRJ exclusive Nova ring with spectrolite and turquoise.
Sunchaser with amethyst and labradorite.
More photos coming in this post next week – Happy Sunday – Dec 13, 2020
Gems have arrived!
Luminous, desk is a bit messy.
From this, finally arranging some of my finds. Dried grasses from November walks.
Thanks for visiting, December 18, 2020, posting more next week.
SO inspired by the new gems they went straight to the head of the line for early release!
Touch the rainbow.
New shop alert! TARNISH on Chicago ave in yes, Chicago. Luxury and leather with some amazing local artists. So happy to join the team!
Quick snap of new herkimer diamond and moonstone earrings with the luna theme.
Dec 23rd out to take ring pictures when…
A storm blew me away. Typical Chicago wild temperature drop from 55 to 20ish. A few more blogging pictures coming here next week.
Frontiers pendants are up at my etsy venue
These charming mini Triumph pendants with heart shaped labradorite teardrop are also at etsy.
Take time to daydream.
Spectrolite collide pendant with 3 gems, this is the central stone and hand-beaded chain with aged finishing.
This moonchaser has flown to a new home.
It’s sister Sunchaser is still live at the website, with it getting dark so early my late day photoshoots intersect with sunset.
This touchstone ring with labradorite and moonstone is a favorite.
I love these random grasses photos. Unstructured raw beauty.
Thanks for visiting, signing off for this month on Dec 27th. With a million things to do before the end of the year. I’ll be back in 2021.


Jewelry designer and bird lover

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