Fall gypsy rings

Moonshadow and hush dainty rings with big binary wrap ring in the tall grass. Mix up your rings for a fresh look that’s all your own! In the game of rings be creative and original is best.
Original labradorite ring. Ank ring and long lattice ring with sandstone and blue labradorite gems. These three stone rings are so elegant with the open shape. I have a few combinations of gems to pick from. If there is a gemstone you must have leave a post and it may inspire new work!
Lattice ring, the last days of summer are the sweetest!
One of my favorite ring photos in September. Nature is such a inspiration for me.
Gorgeous Hush ring on a big quartz crystal cluster, a dainty labradorite midi you can mix and layer with a simple band.
That Ank ring is sublime and has a bit of mystery to it we adore. Great companion piece with a bold labraodite ring. This huge teardrop has a unique minty color with aqua banding. Each of these geode is unique in it’s coloration and pattern.
Moonshadow ring, dainty with a slim crescent moon across from luminous labradorite. The open adjustable band is best suited for size 7 to 9.
Lattice ring with red onyx and labradorite.
Gorgeous mix of aqua themed rings.
Made to be best friends – moonstone and labradorite!
Visit my mood boards for more plants from my outdoor photo sessions.
Lattice with garnet and labradorite gems.
Gypsy duster in labradorite and amethyst gemstones.
Binary wrap rings with bold moonstone or labradorite gems and the Shards ring in aged bronze.
Mood boards – plants in fall.
Brilliant blue at dusk.
Heads up! New original rings and big pendants on the way. Stay tuned on Instagram or my blog. I’ll pop out a newsletter about these gems too.
Electric blue
Teardrops are being listed first then the long ovals.
Wild west vibes.
Deep blue velvet colored gem.
Emerald green, blue and orange gems captivates my imagination. This page will be updated as new rings from this series go live. Feel free to bookmark and pass it on!
Mood board – plants. Feeling like fall
labradorite from Madagascar ring #4 in the fall series is live
Crisp weather and crystal clear blue gems.
Fading light and fresh blues.
Fall arrives with a breath of fresh air and dramatic gems.


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