Febuary blog

A look back at some favorite colorfyul gemstones
Aquamarine, apatite, turquoise and labradorite are some must have blue gems to brighten any day. The color blue to supposed to be both calming and energizing! Comes in so many brillant hues theres one that’s right for everyone.
Moon themed jewelry to connect with the natural world and celebrate all it’s mysteries and magic. Original rings like no other and sweet studs come in labradorite, turquoise and soon, moonstone.
Our first big snow! Our local neiborhood park at night. I thought these posts look like they are wearing snowy hats. Check back next week for more. The monthly blogs I contribute until closing time.
GOLD RUSH COLLECTION is launching in March, pieces will be added weekly threw-out the month so checkback for the newbies! Here is a few of the sumptuous pieces created for this ready to wear set featuring moonstone, labradorite and hints of raw apatite, herkimer diamond and quartz.


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