Fine brass cuff bracelets

A free spirited cuff in fine quality spectralite or labradoite gemstone. Each is one of a kind handcrafted in solid brass. Fine bohemian jewelry, I specialize in original jewelry that is made to last. I’ll be posting on care tips for brass. Sign up for your monthly newsletter which includes a style guide and the gemstone lovers update on my search for new stones. Whats coming to the website and tips on how to order a custom made piece of jewelry. There’s perks and a introductory coupon code.
It’s a labor of love and I am committed to bring you these one of a kind treasures you’ll have for years. Start adding to your collection now by visiting the store.
Style forecast, whats the color for 2020? Blue of course! With it’s range of shades there’s one suited for you. A relaxing and recharging color.
Sleek teardrop shaped spectralite in vibrant turquoise with a bright amber swirl. A dazzling beauty sure to inspire your fans to come in for a closer look at this impressive flashing geode.
Joyous gemstone cuffs like no other


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