Cleo howlite is a series I started in 2018. The creamy white geode is like a breath of fresh air for the eyes. A charming geode with russet banding that has a boho vibe! This September I have expanded it into a full series of piece you can mix and layer.
Denim, lace and howlite gems and a silky long skirt. Romantic Bohemia inspiration.
Double necklace with flashing circle beads and soldering links with our best selling cleo howlite ring. How perfect is the raw geode for a simple ring in brass.
Long drop earrings with 2 shapes of bead enters the set. Shown with one of the sleek new hammered cuffs and meditations midi with geometric pattern.
Two new chunky chain bracelet on the way, everyone adores those bold brass chains, let them age to warm vintage tone to contrast with the vanilla gems.
Other pieces and the new hammered cuffs, white jasper arrowhead and solar quartz rings which mix great with howlite!
Warm photo with flowers from above.
Outdoor pictures are the best, all kinds of light geodes here. White solar quartz looks like queen anne’s lace flowers I see on my walks in late summer. See pic of those in my plants blog. Light gray jasper arrow and cleo howlite ring. Each gem is unique so your ring is a original. Don’t hesitate to message me to pic out your gemstone from the latest batch of rings.
Terrika in our fav selection of bohemia inspired rings. Lattice ring with moonstone and tigers eye, cleo howlite ring, baby shell ring and meditations midi to top it off. I have new midi rings coming in labradorite, visit me on Instagram for updates.
Howlite choker with fishbone chain on my flower dress, so fresh outside.
Close up of howlite bracelets and choker on old wood at train tracks, where I hike up to to take the natural photos.
Selfie at dusk with the double necklace, it’s easy to see why this would become a favorite, that gem pairs with so many looks. Elegant beaded chain and two gems is better than one! Ring is dalmatian jasper in a bold dome shape. Dalmatian jasper was one of my finds this year, love those spots and animal vibe in black and tan, I have a few rings with this gem, bangles and some earrings. I may expand the series in 2021, what do you think? It’s really caught on and everyone’s getting into it’s festive look. bookmark this post for updates, Ill be doing more photos of the howlite this holiday weekend with the launch of our huge 35% off all jewelry!