Labradorite Earrings & Rings

Add a pair of luscious labradorite earrings to do with your one of a kind labradorite necklace
Sunny delights to brighten everyday on long, elegant kidney-wire back that lock. With labradorite geodes and their signature aqua flash!
Lattice ring with magical moonstone and aqua labradorite and the millennium ring with deep blue labradorite
Nova earrings – large open metalwork drops
Monster rings with labradoite gems in simple sterling bezel, aged brass open band fits a 6 to 10
Each gem is unique in it’s color and patterning from the internal structure of the geode
Lattice ring in moonstone and labradorite. This extra long gypsy ring comes in a few festive gemstone color combos
Never underestimate the power of aqua
more earrings coming soon – post updated in a bit
Lattice ring in contrasting garnet and labradorite gems
Moonstone Luna ring
Metro hoops
Ellipse ring in labradorite, hammered with molten edges and a wide style band
Glow on in gorgeous labradorite gems
Dainty cityscapes ring
Labradorite everyday earrings, Nova earrings for drama, Orbit hoops for work, Lotus drops for carefree weekends
Luna rings in labradorite and moonstone and a bold spectralite original ring



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