Lariat Pendants

Handcrafted lariat pendants. A sensual look with a 2 inch drop section and brilliant teardrop gem. Each labradorite is special with their own interplay of colors and flash. I used a double sided bezel allowing light to pass threw the gem and so that vibrant pop of color shows coming and going. Each chain style for these is different and they are now live in the store! Number 6 has already been claimed 🙂
The five listed
Brilliant aqua
Vibrant blue and yellow
Emerald and acid green with a hit of aqua
Solid brass to take on all your adventures!
Bright aqua-blue
The smallest gem with the longest chain in sweet aqua blue
All together before going to a new home.
Get ready for your close up outside – My favorite is natural light.


Jewelry designer and bird lover