Labradorite sterling and brass ring in aqua gemstone



I have created a series of bold labradorite rings, 10 pieces in the collection. These are very large rings with a sterling silver bezel and a brass back-plate and band. The brass is slightly distressed and has a muted almost silver (aged) finish. So, the bright bezel and gem pop. Band is wide and comfortable. It’s an adjustable style that best fits a 6 to 10. Each gem is unique in it’s color and pattern, like a world of its own. This teardrop has a vibrant aqua flash that’s cross-scored with a few deep indigo lines.

View the Instagram video of these rings and some smaller ones


Fine jewelry – one of a kind handmade

Metal is sterling silver bezel – muted aged brass backplate and band with a distressed finish

Gemstone is labradorite size of this gem 50mm x 28mm x 6mm – a thick heavy gem

Size of ring is adjustable and best fits a 6 to 10, not recommended for smaller sizes

Band height is 12mm tall – a wide style band that supports size of gemstone

Other rings in this series sold separately


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


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