Astro spectralite cuff braclet in brass no 2

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I have sourced some stunning spectralite, a rare form of labradorite which is from Finland. In a heart-shaped polished gem your sure to be smitten for. Cuffs are a favorite to create! Bold and beautiful for the woman who knows what she wants. This geode has a vibrant mix of colors like no other, amber, yellow, green purple and aqua. The color play is striking from every angle, sure to draw your fans in for a closer look. Cuff and bezel are solid brass in a thick sturdy setting. Start your collection of fine modern bohemian jewelry with a original bracelet and a pair of my ultralight essential earrings. Made to go on all your adventures, brass is a versatile metal you can polish or let age gracefully.

handcrafted fine jewelry – astro cuff no 1

metal is brass

gemstone is spectralite in yellow, amber, green, purple and aqua 120kts approximately with a teardrop shape oriented sideways

band design is adjustable – be sure to push from the backsides without bending the connection of the gem to the base – 5mm thick band in 2 rows

other bracelet shown is sold separately in the wrist section of the shop

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


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