Solstice dangles apatite and aquamarine gems

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Enchanting drops named for the height of summer. Mesmerizing, beautiful blue gemstones. Crystal clear pale blue aquamarine and deep vibrant aqua apatite. Gemstones are all handcrafted, they do not have a identical shape. I primarily created my beaded earring with hand cut gems.

Handcrafted fine jewelry

Metal is brass – lightly hammered open earring


  1. Aqua apatite in vibrant aqua blue, ovals polished
  2. Aquamarine in pale clear sky blue, rectangular polished and faceted roundels

Closure is locking mini hoop back (levers in a hoop shape)

Length is 80 x 30 approximately

Medium weight design

Additional information

Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in