Ice temple raw quartz crystal long statement necklace




Creating with raw crystal is something I can’t get enough of. This dramatic pendant is a must if you want  bold piece you can layer or wear solo. I have hammered out a inverted crescent shaped skinny moon to house the geode with a suspended faceted element. Elegant and bold on a thick extra long chain. Solid brass. Moden gypsy jewelry you can polish or let age gracefully. Raw crystal is a perfect pairing with this earthy metal. I am making a limited version with pyrite too! It’s a stellar stone which is metallic.

Handcrafted fine jewelry

Metal is brass

Gemstone – gems approximately 10mm thick by 25mm including setting

  1. Raw quartz crystal – clear with white, random facets – this raw geode is not perfect and contains cracks and inclusions each gem is unique
  2. Pyrite – naturally metallic the color is a warm gunmetal, a reflective, solid color –  this has been cut and polished into a crystal shape it is not raw these are all very similar as they have been shaped

Length -24 inches

Chains – both are faceted main chain is 4.5mm round and draping is 3×4 oval

Other pendants layered with this piece are available separately in the neck section of the shop

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