Ellipse ring labradorite and fine brass



Labradorite is the star of my latest collection. It’s a luminous gemstone like no other. This has a hammered band with molten edging that frames the gemstone. Did you know that magical colored flash is a refraction from inside the heart of the stone? Yes, and each is as unique and special as my clients. you’ll be pleased with the wide style band that is comfortable and adjustable, it fits a 5 to 9 . Ring is polished and the texture looks great bright or aged.

Handcrafted limited edition fine jewelry

metal is brass – hammered, soft sanded then polished bright

gemstone is labradorite flash color is aqua to blue with hint of other colors like amber

band is approximately 20mm tall in front slims to 10mm in back with rounded corners to be comfortable

size this is adjustable and fits on average a 5 to 9

other pieces from this labradorite series sold separately in the shop

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in