Epiphany ring – olive green labradorite teardrop


To kick off the season I have created 25 new labradorite rings. One of a kind, each with a unique gemstone. This is a olive green labradorite know as “Spectrolite” a kind of labradorite from Finland which has a more dynamic color shift. This gem has earth brown banding hint of aqua and flashes a acid green-yellow! The rimming around the gem is textured and I use my favorite tall lined bezel. The band in my cast epiphany design, tall with open bars and a thick adjustable style suited for sizes 6 to 9 best. See my visual diary or Instagram for more on this latest series.

Handcrafted fine jewelry

Metals are brass

Gemstone is spectrolite from Finland – color is olive and acid greens – approximately 120kt size 30mm x 50mm

Band is 25mm tall – with 5 open bars and is adjustable

Size range of 6 to 9 best – not recommended for smaller or larger

Other pieces from this series are available separately in the shop. Visit the blog or Instagram to see details and videos shot outside in natural light.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in