Hex howlite ring



Hex ring in howlite, polished into a point. The wide band has a hexagonal pattern and it’s adjustable to fit a 5 to 9 approximately. Howlite is white with gray banding. The gem is secured in a linear shaped brass tube. Other pieces shown in my neutrals series are sold separately in the shop.

Handmade fine jewelry
metal is brass with subtle sanded surface texture (adds to the industrial vibe) that ages well and hides scratches.
Gemstone is howlite, its been cut and polished into a crystal point
ring face 25mm tall size varies see pics. Tube is 12mm wide. Thick hexagon band is 22mm tall (25mm is one inch)
other materials – resin. Tube is filled with waterproof uv resin that hardens the gem in position and over laid in gold inside the tube.
Care is to let age gracefully or use brass polish.
Other pieces sold separately – the new hex rings with other gems and new pendants. See the shop for more.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in


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