Labradorite sunstorm pendant #3

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If you love labradorite this is a beauty! Super large indigo and aqua flashing gem in a long oval shape paired with my sunstorm casting. The gemstone is held in a brass double sided bezel, allowing light to pass threw the stone and so this gorgeous gems brilliant color shows on both sides. Did you know that the color is a refraction of the blue wave length of light? You can hold the stone up to the light to see it’s internal structure. This stone is a spectralite geode from Finland which has sharper color definition. The metal has been enhanced to have a soft silvery finish – it still looks like brass but it’s less yellow and more white gold toned. This is no#3 in the series.

See a video of me wearing this pendant at instagram here

Fine jewelry – one of a kind handmade
Metal is brass – enhanced to have a softer more muted “silvery” tone
Gemstone is labradorite – a+ high quality spectralite from Finland
Chain is 4mm faceted round – 18 inches
Lobster clasp – signature star closure and logo


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