Touchstone ring labradorite and turquoise #4


Touchstone ring, this is number four in the series. Each original ring is different in it’s labradorite color and shape. This one has a medium sized elegant oval gems with a aqua green hue topped with sleeping beauty turquoise. Fine bezel, reinforced backplate and rimmed edge and some of the perks of the pieces. Along with a tall wide adjustable brass band that fits most. The ring has a cool aged finish which will warm over time. It gives the brass a more neutral look. I’ve combined some of my favorite natural aged materials with chic geometric elements for the latest this season.

Handcrafted fine jewelry – Touchstone ring no 4

Metal is brass – cool aged finishing then polished bezel – soft sanded ring band, the subtle texture hides scratches

Gemstones are labradorite in aqua blue green with amber flex in a oval shape at 33 x 32mm and a round turquoise sleeping beauty gem 10mm – approximately 70kts

Band is 13mm tall wide adjustable fits 6 to 10 best, not suited for smaller sizes. Contact me for custom work.

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Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in