Peridot stacker, raw stone ring


I delight in creating with raw stones and I feel peridot has been missing out, but no more! That lovely acid green is so unique and is great to stack with my apatite rings. These are perfect for stacking or solo. You are purchasing one ring. To buy more simply add a few to your cart and select color from the menu. Other rings shown are available separately in the shop. For videos come by my Instagram page where I have lots of this collection and more, plus behind the scenes footage and photos of my other interests.

Fine jewelry – handcrafted in limited edition

Solid brass metal

Version is single stone on slim band with top and bottom line detail

Gemstone is raw apatite colors are a mix of aqua blue green, there is some variation in these hues so each ring made is unique and won’t exactly match sample images

Rings is 10mm tall, textured by a bit of soft sanding and polished, this surface detail look great aged too btw

Adjustable fits a 5 to 9

Other pieces shown  are available in the shop

Care for your fine brass jewelry is to polish it with cloth or use a brass cleaner safe for gemstones. Feel free to contact the shop for recommendations.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in