Rainbow emperor ring – spectrolite gemstone – hex band


Rainbow spectrolite teardrop crown setting. This is the latest series which is set in fine brass bezel with a rim that has a random geometric stamping to mirror the shape of the bezel. I have cast a band for this design that’s as amazing as the gemstones. Open hexagon shape is thick and heavy, suited to a 6 to 9 best with adjustable style. The ring is all warm brass and polished bright.

Band is a wide sturdy adjustable design that fits a 6 to 10.

Handcrafted fine jewelry – Hex Crown ring – fall 2021 – rainbow teardrop (first pic looks more purple 2nd pic more blue – true rainbow) larger more orange teardrop available separately

Metal is brass – warm yellow and polished

Gemstone is spectrolite in purple-plum and a hint of red with aqua and acid green (rainbow) 40mm x 27mm x 6mm 100kt approximately – I have other Hex rings coming up with these original stones – the price will differ depending on the size of the geode and color.

Band is 22 mm tall in front with open metalwork in my signature hexagon band style, open in back and adjustable to fit a 6 to 9

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Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in