Orb hoops – herkimer diamond large hammered hoops



Large raw herkimer diamond hoops with a touch of hammering for a handmade look. In solid brass these can be polished or let them age for a vintage vibe. The herkimer diamonds are mostly clear with tint flex of carbon and they have up to 23 random facets. Did you know they are named for Herkimer New York where they were first discovered as a rare form of quartz with unusual clarity. I’m enchanted by them and use them for my everyday neutrals series with natural raw gems that have a clear or earthy color.

Handcrafted fine jewelry

Metal is solid brass – hammered texture frontside

Large hoops 60mm

Raw herkimer diamonds

Hoops shaped leverbacks lock closed for a secure fit

Expolore more of my raw crystal jewelry for everyday in the shop. Rings, pendants and cuffs with a natural vibe.


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