Spectralite teardrop ring no 3


To kick off the season I have created 25 new labradorite rings. One of a kind, each with a unique gemstone. This velvet aqua-green gem is spectralite a kind of labradorite from Finland which has a more dynamic color shift. Set in brass bezel with aged brass back-plate and wide adjustable band that fits a 6 to 10. Brass is warm gold color and polished.

Handcrafted fine jewelry

Metal is brass – this ring has a golden brass tone which is soft sanded and polished bright

Gemstone is spectralite from Finland – color is aqua-green with hits of orange – approximately 120kt size 35mm x 52mm

Band is 12mm tall

Size is adjustable a thick wide band that fits size range of 6 to 10 best

Other pieces from this series are available separately in the shop. Visit the blog or Instagram to see details and videos shot outside in natural light.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in