Triumph pendant – rainbow spectrolite necklace

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The new gems have arrived and I am releasing these early as I am so inspired by their beauty. Spectrolite teardrop in fine double sided bezel. Hold that geode up to the light and check out the inner workings of the stone which creates all the excitement! Fascinating range of hues in this one. Set below a faceted ring with heavy curb chain. Long pendant fits over the head, there is no clasp. The other piece show is available separately.

Handcrafted fine jewelry – Triumph #6

Metal is brass aged bezel with gold brass chain

Gemstone is Spectrolite size 48mm x 38mm x 7mm heart shaped teardrop color is aqua, acid yellow-green, blue, orange and black – 130 kts approximately.

Chain is 24 inches – 8mm x 7mm x 4mm – thick curb chain yellow brass – no clasp fits over the head

Other pieces in the fall line up can be seen in my Instagram videos and stories.


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in