Labradorite teardrop pendant extra large geode necklace

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Monster labradorite gem. Framed in brass bezel and back-plate with luxurious thick chain and two additional round labradorite gems at the midpoint of the chain. Labradorite is a crystal that has inclusions that refract color and in this gem you can see the structure well and the duality of the gems inner flash.

Fine jewelry – one of a kind handmade
metal – brass, silver bearing solder
gemstone – labradorite 230 carrots a- gem. Color is mixed aqua and green flash with gray base color. This stone has inclusions that show underlying structure at top of the teardrop. (not perfect). The two gemstones in the chain are 11mm with a blue or aqua flash.

Chain – 5 x 7mm thick flat oval soldered chain 18 inches with oversized lobster clasp and designer logo
other pieces sold separately see the shop for more – if you adore aqua see the labradorite or blue agate series.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in


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