Woodland labradorite brass cuff bracelet




Two new woodland cuffs to pick from. A giant oval or teardrop on a etched leaf patterned cuff. These are originals. Once they are gone to new homes this design will be made to order and you can pick from a few gemstones that work with the design in these shapes. I source these two from Australia.

Original handmade fine brass jewelry

Solid brass with silver bearing solder

Gemstone is labradorite – each gem is unique – pick from my two samples shown

Teardrop or long oval – approximately 75mm long x 40mm wide x 6mm thick

Band is 40mm tall

Adjustable to fit most a 6 to 10 wrist – as the gems are large and have some weight its best to fit this snugly to your wrist

Care – you can let your fine brass jewelry age gracefully to bronze or polish bright gold as desired – come with a free pro polishing pad. Other recommended cleaning products are “brasso” or “the sunshine polishing cloth”. Send a message for care tips and follow my blog for a video on all your brass questions answered.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in