Ring story

Bohemian rings on a walkabout. Nature calls and it’s time to step back and focus on the simple things. I found this amazing branch with little pods that fascinated me.
Never know what you will find if you explore – maybe yourself!
Midi toppers, the new temple ring with natural turquoise. These go above the joint and make a great ring to stack up with a plain band or even together. Sweet if you have small ring fingers these fit a 4 to 6 with adjustable band.
One of my personal favorites, long and elegant bohemia ring. The lattice design is open and it’s deck out in a trinity of gemstones. A perfect pairing of naturally flashing geodes. Moonstone and it’s cousin labradorite are from the same family of gems. They both refract color. Moonstone has a more subtle pink and sky blue play and labradorite a deep aqua flash. This ring slims to 10mm in back for comfort and is adjustable to fit most.
Midi rings stacked for fun.
The queen Anne’s lace looks beautiful as it dries for fall from bright white to tan. I love it either way.
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Luna duo ring in labradorite and the Ank ring coming soon.
Little things, dried grasses are magical.
Thanks for visiting, I’ll be adding a few more pictures from this set over the weekend.


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