Spectralite Pendants

Spectralite is from Finland, it’s has more defined color and can have some amazing rainbow color banding. I have sourced some superior gems in both their color and scale. For these moonchaser pendants I’ve used round gems. The sunstorm pendants have supremely long ovals. I adore creating with these magical gems. Each is as unique as you are. Start your collection with a ring or necklace and layer to your hearts desire in these stellar stones.

Brilliant blues and muted brass bezel and chain with a polished sun. 210kts. Sunstorm #3
Sunstorm #1 – see a video of me wearing these at my instagram feed here https://www.instagram.com/p/B79qJ97n7qt/
Love the duality of this magnificent spectralite geode 240 kt
Contemporary mixed metals with labradorite, muted brass and shiny gunmetal, accent gem is deepest indigo sandstone to mirror the darkest of the chain and contrast with the aqua green geode. Two created, this limited edition design will be made to order once the samples are on their way to new homes. I will upload a selection of similar gems to pick from. Then allow 2 weeks to receive your custom made pendant. I love to work closely with my clients so feel free to ask any questions via the messaging center.
Alchemists pendant in spectralite geodes, one of a kind pendants with meaning.
get close up and personal with these original geodes
Beautiful blues like no other
Astro pendant


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