Spectralite pendants

Long oval with stellar aqua blue and contrasting yellow makes for a delightful friend. I’m starting with the simply stunning long ovals. They ride solo or pair up and layer.
Magical patterns combined with brilliant color are the trademarks of these gems. Select not to match but to express individuality as each stone is as unique as you are.
Already gone to a new home and is there any wonder why with that magnificent indigo and aqua.
Happy wanderings with these brass beauties in simple settings with thick chain. Made to go on all your adventures!
On a rainy day still as magnificent as ever.
Selfies on a crisp fall day
Labradorite is such a great pairing with subtle clothing colors – let the gem speak for your passion and originality.
This picture is so reminiscent of fall to me with those dried wildflowers I found on the side f the road. It was sunset and the warm glow is reflected in this green, amber gem. I call this the destinations pendant as the gem is round like a globe and has the colors of the earth, sky and sun. with two friends on either side and a super long chain.
Tiny flowers with a macro lens. Small delights.
Here they are with one of my favorite gems, I love the way the black banding adds a bit of mystery to this aqua beauty. Infinite pendant with hexagonal shapes.
This sundial pendant has a wild aqua gem with a rainbow of other colors. It looks dramatically different in sunlight that indoors where the hue is more blue. Will show both in the listing or visit me on IG.
I’ll be adding more necklaces to this post as I edit the images and we will be back to rings next post. Stop by my Instagram for videos shot outside in natural light so you can see these beauties do their thing! Thanks for visiting, bookmark and come back for more.
Don’t forget the ears, simple studs make a perfect gift. All made with aqua-blue gems for green ask for custom order.


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